Wine & Whiskey Barrel Furniture



Whiskey and Wine Barrel Tables
Wiskey Barrel Top Table

Wine barrel table bike









Wine Barrel Top Table

Jack Daniels Table

Wine Barrel Table Metal Legs

Inlaid Wiskey Table







Wine Barrel Table Wood Small Wine Barrel Table

Wine Cork Table Tray White Wine Barrel Table Wine Crate Table


Haig & haig Step Table








These attractive pieces of furniture are all handmade and produced using re purposed wine products. We offer a variety of tables made with wine or wiskey barrels.Some are made using the wine or whiskey barrel itself. There are also tables made with inlaid whiskey crate table tops. Some of our favorite tables have been created using old bicycle signs and the wheels of small bikes. We also use old and interesting beer signs to make tables and serving trays. We look all over the country to find the wine and whisky based components we use to create these wine theme piece of furniture. All of the pieces are individually designed by our artists. Everything is made by hand in our studios. All of our tables are made to be both attractive and functional. The tables can be used as side tables or free standing. We do our best to be green and to use repurposed pieces. These pieces can be purchased by going to our shop on ETSY. You can also visit our shows page to see the schedule of what shows we will be exhibiting in. This will allow you to see and touch these well made products and it will also save you the delivery charges. Residents of Northern Illinois can contact us and see if we can arrange a reduced price delivery.

The surge is sales of whiskey and bourbon has greatly increased the number of barrels being produced. This article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch talks about the booming whiskey barrel business.

The wine barrel is thought to have been invented by the ancient Gauls but it was the Romans who caused its use to become wide spread. Previously ceramic jars were used to store and transport wine. The wooden barrels proved to be much more durable and easier to transport.



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